Oh, hello there. Good see you. How’s things?

Welcome to the site! It’s a mostly review website, but also a sprinkling of opinion pieces or heavily-biased lies portrayed as fact. And to be honest, the reviews are pretty much just opinion pieces anyway.

So let’s talk about sex, baby, but also films, television, sport, politics and London, and not actually that much about sex. It’s the British way.

If you aren’t sure where to start, this is a good place here. It’s a list of the main articles and what they’re about.

It really means a lot to us at Larnerholt HQ that you’ve taken the time to check the site out, so please do add us on Twitter (@larnerholt) or send an email to larnerholt@gmail.com. The support this site has received already is really humbling and we’d love to hear more from you.



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